New Clinic Site

Written by: 
Michelle Balon


It was an early start setting up for our last clinic in Sousa. The tireless work of volunteers unpacked vans of equipment and set up our facility in record time. The people we served in the morning clinic was held outside on a hot sunny day underneath a covered area.
The team assessed and treated 76 people varying in age and illness, each and everyone leaving an imprint on our hearts! Especially the infants that were held in turn by our medical staff.
Exactly 5 hours later we dismantled the clinic, repacked and reloaded the vans with our luggage and clinic supplies. We said goodbye to our hosts and pastor Rick in Sousa.
The angels were busy keeping us safe on our anxiety inducing van ride through busy towns, coastal highways and rainy jungle lined mountain roads. Driving in DR required in equal amounts nerve, faith, luck and constant horn blowing! We arrived safely in our home for the next several days just before nightfall…. Right on schedule thanks to our fearless leader Jason and his mad cat herding skills.

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