New Jerusalem

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This morning the medical team travelled to a new community called New Jerusalem, which was more than one hour away from our hotel.  The construction team returned to Vasca to work on completing the trusses at the community center. 

By the time we arrived at the clinic, everything was set by the community volunteers and the local Proinfancia team. We had so many patients today that it was a little bit overwhelming at the beginning. 

Because of this, we needed to re-organize and before we knew it everything came into place. By the end of the clinic we were able treat 235 patients!  We saw so many cases of high blood pressure and the record of today was 245/110. We all wondered how they survived for that long.  When we questioned Dr. Martha about this, she said that the heart creates new pathways that help them survive under these conditions. The capacity of a human’s adaptability creates wonder inside of us. It leaves us wondering about the miracle of life and the power of love and grace.

At the end of the clinic we were able to have lunch that was made by the local ladies. It was very special not only because we ate food all together and fed so many  children, but also because it was  a meal not only from local food, but dehydrated food that was brought from Canada donated by Gleaners. This dehydrated food contains 20 different types of vegetables in one serving and on top of this, it was really tasty!! We are hoping to bring this product to help with the problem of malnutrition in this community. 

To close today, a group of of us were able to sing together with some of the locals. Tasha was at the heart of this. We were able to play the piano, worship and laugh together, it was glorious!

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