February 2024

Perspective, humility, more gratitude.

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Our travel home began with a 2:30 AM flight from Guatemala to Vancouver through Houston with a few hour break. As I look around and interact with the team and consider our last couple of weeks and even more broadly meeting the team for the first time, just over a month ago, this has been an incredible journey. From the very outset in January, the team expressed the following intentions for this trip before even arriving in the country. They wanted to:
•        gain perspective, humility, more gratitude
•        be pushed out of comfort zone.
•        to see ways God is working.
•        learn how a missions trip works
•        to be stretched

Considering all that has happened over the last couple weeks, we have recognized God's work through this team his global Church. While there were moments that were different than expected, that included disappointments, excitement, uncertainty, God is using it all to shape us and deepen our relationship with Him.

Often when teams head out on short-term missions, it can feel like we're going to 'save the day' and there is a hunger to get to 'work' right away doing this work. This team represents an upcoming generation of leaders and their awareness of not saving the day and instead allowing God to work through their experiences was incredible to observe. This trip was filled with deeper reflections and acknowledgment that God is using his people and church globally to bring hope to Guatemala. Sometimes we make assumptions about what poverty is for others based on what it would mean to us. This team is inspiration of what it's like to consider new perspectives and embrace a posture of learning for the sake of God's kingdom.

As the Hungry for Life Team Leader, thank you to the team for representing Christ in such a powerful way.

To God be the Glory.

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