Productive day

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It's been an incredible 5 days so far, so where does one begin? 

Our flight here went without a hitch and once again God made his presence known when it came time to get medical supplies through customs. What could have became a complicated ordeal of paper work and bureaucracy was made smooth.

Carlos Pimentel, our man on the ground in the Domican has done a bang up job getting everything organized and ready for our arrival., and as anyone knows that's been on a mission trip, the challenges are. The feeling of accomplishment that comes with that is well deserved.

This week we completed the roof on the community center which was torn off by the previous hurricane last year. The medical team has treated over 500 patients so far, done dozens of medical home visits, Days for Girls distributions, community meals and daily health and nutrition teaching!

Looking forward to finishing the construction tomorrow and one more day of clinics!  Also the pack a sacks which will be distributed at the local school - stay tuned!

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