Sunday driving

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Debbie D


Our Last day in Siaya brought a variety of activities. we started the day with church in Yogo - beautiful children’s voices and dancing and the joy of being greeted by children and widows that we met over the last few days, made it a special morning for us all. It amazes me how quickly relationships blossom. 
The Pastor stopped the service early so that we could do health teaching with the women of the congregation. 60 women came to listen to what we said. The team is now presenting information with such ease and expertise :)Today we focused a lot on the importance of loving and supporting their children. While we were talking with the women the men all went outside in the sun to talk about the importance of hygiene. TJ also spoke so we have decided he should be the newest EVE educator. (Something about socks). 
After a quick trip back to the hotel for lunch we headed out for pictures at the equator and then on to Seje water project. Some walked down to the river, luckily not encountering any hippos. 🥹. Debbie, Shona and I were happy find ourselves at the school in Seje the team visited and helped complete 11 years ago on our very first EVE trip (the. Is was called SANE). It’s still standing!!!!! 

Everlyn wanted to take the team for a cold drink and viewing a local lake. Unfortunately, after a long drive we discovered a closed and locked gate. So back we came. Sigh! A hectic but lovely day❤️. 
After supper Angela shared that one of the women at our training in Kakamega realized that she was not treating her children well since her divorce. She has pledged to start living her kids and treating them with kindness as she now realizes how important it is to raise a child with love. As our time starts to wind down, I am continually humbled at how the simplicity of our message is so impactful
Good night and Love to all.  Tomorrow we get to play with babies at Shiphra Home in Nairobi. 

Debbie D. 

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