Two Countries = One Team (Part 2)

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The Team


We woke today at Tanya and Misha’s place, with a bright blue sky above our heads. After a tasty breakfast, we were off to church. It was a Spirit-led service this morning, meaning that other than for a few songs and the sermons (three pastors came up to share this morning, including Sig), nothing else was scheduled. People young and old came forward to read poems and scripture or to sing songs, all of them volunteering to come forward. It was a wonderful time of worship. 

After lunch, we packed our overnight bags and started heading towards Kyiv, with a scheduled stop in the Zhytomyr area to serve alongside another church that has a powerful ministry working with individuals who have lost loved ones in the war. The church was packed with folks who have lost loved ones in the war. Each Sunday afternoon they get together in small groups to talk and share about their feelings and emotions. They have five small groups running at the same time. Where the individual is in the grieving process determines which small group the individual will participate in. After an hour in the small groups, we gathered in the main sanctuary to hear Sig speak on the book of Job and sing a few songs. We were also able to bless everyone there with a hygiene hamper. We handed out 176 hampers. It was a blessing for the team to be able to participate in this ministry, even if it was only for a couple of hours.. 

Part of their ministry also involves hosting retreats. They invite individuals from the small groups to a 4-5 day retreat in the province of  Zakarpatska (western Ukraine),  very close to where Chad and Mary live, and where they can again focus on all aspects of the grieving process (emotional, spiritual and physical). They told stories of how participating in these retreats has made a life changing impact in the lives of those who participate.

By five o'clock we were on the road to Kyiv and spent a wonderful night walking in the main square and having supper at the Ukraine Kitchen restaurant. Chad and Mary's friends from Kyiv joined us for the evening.

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