A bit of light

February 9, 2016
Kelly Edgeley
2 min
Spiritual life
A bit of light

The team was going up and down the hill carrying bricks to the project site. I was walking down the path when I saw Karyn, a team member, holding a baby and walking beside a little girl. Karyn had seen the girl, Salama, carrying her little brother up the steep hill, along with a huge backpack on her back. Every day after school she would pick him up from her mom’s work and take care of him for the rest of the day.

Karyn had a lovely chat with Salama while helping her get home and learned that she was one of the many kids to attend the kids’ program that the missionary family, the Sagerts, put on once a week. She enjoyed the stories and games, but she was getting teased by some of the other kids, so her mom told her not to go anymore. Salama said she missed attending and wanted to go back. Then she showed Karyn a little bit of light amid the darkness: she said that she knows God doesn’t want us to treat others poorly and that He wants us to love each other. She had learned from the Sagerts that God loves her, and that she is to love those around her.

On my way back up, I was met again by Salama. She was sharing a bag of candy with everyone who passed. Salama is proof that God is moving in this community and that the kids are learning of His incredible love for them.