A cultural exchange

October 31, 2016
Jason Krul
2 min
Church & society
A cultural exchange
A cultural exchange

Jason Krul

Director of International Operations

Ten minutes from Mirebalais, the team began painting two houses for the Haiti Children’s Home construction project in Nirva. After a while, various construction workers began visiting to inspect the work. They came and went without saying very much to anyone. Later that day, the group learned why: painting is considered men’s work in Haiti. The construction workers, while suspicious at first, were amazed that the women could paint so well.

In the afternoon, the youngest man from the team went to fetch water from the stream behind the property. Levi took some time to mingle and exchange a few laughs with the women. This type of work typically belonged to them. However, they too were greatly delighted to see men move beyond the cultural norm.

The people are very thankful for the work that is being done in their country. Mutual respect is formed when people labor together with a single purpose—to improve the quality of life in Haiti.

Consequently, Haiti changed the team. Their cultural perspective was expanded. The team from Grace Point Church saw what the Kingdom is like. They hope to return home with actions which reflect that.