A Ukrainian grandmother

November 1, 2016
Mary Martz
2 min
Changed lives
A Ukrainian grandmother

The Fraser Valley Group went to Ukraine to help widows and orphans. On the drive home one evening, Agnes Tschetter spotted two malnourished children who would make a substantial impression on her. After the visit, she pursued their story and discovered that they attended a special needs boarding school in the city.

The next year, Agnes returned and was able to meet her boy Vladik and his sister Yulia. She soon became like a grandmother to those children—constantly encouraging them and caring for their needs. She was there when Vladik needed surgery—one his family could not afford. She supported them when their home life deteriorated and they needed to be placed in a Christian foster home. And, Agnes was always there in spirit, praying for her Ukrainian Grandchildren.

Now, Vladik and Yulia have a new home, and a new life. They have been unbelievably impacted by those years of empathy. Agnes made a difference. Her trips made an impression. And, while she will never get to see those kids again—smiling and greeting her at their front door—we can thank God for people like Agnes and the example they leave behind. Agnes Tschetter, 1939–2016.