July 1, 2016
Jason Krul
2 min
Changed lives

Jason Krul

Director of International Operations

“We haven’t eaten anything for about a week.” The Mount Cheam Group met beside a small hut—surrounded by thistles and thorns. A few children peeked curiously around the corner. Everyone was focused on an elderly woman. Dressed in shambles, she repeated, “We haven’t eaten anything for about a week.”

The woman lived there with her nine grandchildren. She was their sole caregiver. Stunned by the severity of their situation, the group stood there in silence. Finally, they explained the purpose of their visit: they had come to drop off a bag of food. Immediately, the elderly lady expressed her gratitude. In simple words, she thanked them.

After some coercing, they were able to take pictures with the children. The eldest held a baby, but none of them made a sound. Then, as a family they struggled to move the bag inside the hut.

As the day carried on, the team distributed more bags of food, but the old lady remained on their minds. Her words continued to resonate. They pictured the grim reality for numerous families in need. Their experience underlines the necessity of continuing support.