Nelson's story

October 29, 2019
Jason Krul
4 min
Changed lives
Nelson's story
Nelson's story

Jason Krul

Director of International Operations

Nelson was a witchdoctor, a slave of Satan. Years ago, if someone had run into him on the street, they would have run away because of what the Devil used to do. At 6 pm everyone would bring their kids home. They were afraid. They were frightened by his appearance and because of the dark rituals he performed.

Nelson didn’t believe in God. He worshiped the Devil. Then, two guys came to share the gospel with him. Jean Jean (United Christians International) and Dabou made a point of visiting Nelson on a regular basis. They brought a Bible with them and left it in his hands. No matter how hard he tried, Nelson couldn’t get rid of them. He even called on a spirit to kill them so they couldn’t come back. Nelson’s attempts to keep them away failed and they kept on telling him about Christ. Jean Jean and Dabou were there to do something good. They were there with good news. But, Nelson ultimately realized: “I had no eyes to see the truth.”

One night, in a dream, a voice spoke to Nelson: “Nelson, wake up and read this book.” He was so confused and dazed. He didn’t understand why he was dreaming about the Bible. So, he went back to sleep. And when he had drifted off, the voice said again: “Nelson, read this book!” Finally, he got out of bed and picked up the Bible. It fell open to the Book of Galatians, where he read these words: “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” - Galatians 6:7

Whatever you sow, that is what you reap. On that day, Nelson became a Christian. His life changed; he’s not the same person anymore. He set fire to the items that represented his life as a witchdoctor and began a new journey. Now, everything is a new experience and a different way of living. Now, he’s got a message to tell, about the same Jesus who redeemed him.