June 19, 2017
Chad Martz
2 min
Poverty & injustice

Even in the surrounding community, that structure broke all standards. If a building could beg for help, this one would be on its knees. No door, just a gap in the metal sheets. No privacy, only sunlight that revealed the inside of a small home to the world outside. But, as uneasy as that makes us feel, what really mattered was the people who lived there and their stories of existence.

A grandmother—72 years old—tended to five grandchildren. Her husband was gone. He ran away to join a monastery. He left her as the provider and with a challenge: to care for the young ones. So, huddled under the shack, she taught herself to sew. She didn’t back down; she did what she had to do. Through perseverance and resourcefulness, she earned her modest income and kept her family going.

Today, things are looking up. God put this family in the path of people who can help. The grandmother still smiles when she thinks of the future. Her grandchildren are participating in educational programs, they are learning to be leaders, and soon they will have a new home! With resilience and love, the next generation is set to shine.