July 4, 2018
Lauri Alward
2 min
Changed lives

Pheral was an orphan—a tiny tot with a swollen belly and big, vacant eyes. He was tired, hungry and alone. When he enrolled at Yogo Glory Centre Academy, he didn’t even have a pair of shoes. At the time, the school was small—dependent on hope and prayer. It’s founders, Silas and Kimberly, relied on small donations just to get by. But, they found a way to afford the shoes and a uniform. And Pheral, one of their pioneer students, was ready to start his journey.

With porridge at breakfast and a hearty lunch, the transformation began. With the safety of a home, Pheral began to thrive. With a good education, he competed for top marks in his class. And, as Pheral grew, so did the school: Now, there are eleven classrooms filled with stories of healing and hope, of redemption and love, of a future much different than the past. Those eleven classrooms, filled with shining smiles, remind us of the power of hope and prayer. They remind us that we can make a difference.