Rachel's recipes

December 3, 2018
Lauri Alward
3 min
Changed lives
Rachel's recipes

In 2011, Rachel was patiently awaiting the arrival of her new niece. Her brother and his wife had adopted a beautiful daughter from Ethiopia. That was when Rachel — filled with all sorts of excitement — decided to make a cookbook. It was a taste of home gathered from African shores.

When the project was finished, her family enjoyed the results. They decided the book could be a great resource for others to share. So, what started as a warm welcome, quickly gathered momentum and turned into a social venture. They published the book on Amazon and decided to donate all of its proceeds to charity.

Speaking with her husband, they agreed Hungry For Life was the perfect place to give. They appreciated the mission to transform communities and saw an opportunity to send their proceeds back where the inspiration began. As a result, they have impacted people in Ethiopia, Kenya, Haiti, Uganda, Guatemala and Peru.

The first volume of Rachel’s book initiated several others: As of today, she has published six “Beginner’s Guide Cookbooks.” And now, people sampling delicacies from around the world are helping change it. Rachel and her family have raised over

If you want to support Rachel you can get a copy here: Planet Cookbooks.