This is what I do when I feel like giving up on the world.

April 16, 2019
Dave Blundell
3 min
Church & society
This is what I do when I feel like giving up on the world.

Our vision is a world transformed by a global movement of compassion and justice evidenced by the eradication of needless suffering. We believe a world without extreme poverty is possible if those who say they follow Jesus live like it. We wake up each day with the thought that the world could be different in the next generation, with the thought that the global Church could regain a voice of credibility because of its compassion and generosity. HFL goes about this work by being a facilitator.

We directly engage groups from the developed world, with groups from the developing world.

We inspire spiritual vibrancy and facilitate relationships between two groups of people: those who are spiritually wealthy and materially poor, and those who are spiritually poor and materially wealthy.  

We are fixated on addressing the problem of spiritual and physical poverty, but we are not inspired by that problem. We are inspired to continue to do what we do by telling the stories of the churches and groups we have served.

Churches and groups who have dug in to an injustice somewhere in the world and have committed to seeing it through to wholeness and healing.

We are inspired by church leaders here in Canada who have taken courageous steps of faith with their people and resources to not only influence their community, but to influence a community somewhere else in the world. These churches and groups, and those who lead them, are trophies. Their love for the world and those who suffer are evidence of the Father's love.

We are also inspired by our field partners, who were there before we showed up and will be there long after we are gone. These are local leaders who have decided to bare down and change the situations they were born into. They often start with huge needs and small resources, but they are people who understand how big God is and what He does with the little we bring Him. These churches and groups, and those who lead them, are also trophies. The adversities and brokenness that surround these leaders would cause most of us to give up.

For them, the darker the night is, the more committed they are to shine.

With the world as broken as it is, and with our technological ability to know about more and more of the world’s suffering, it sometimes feels like an avalanche of sadness that will never end. The world’s problems seem like they are far too big and complex for anyone to affect significant change. When I feel like throwing in the towel on the world, here's what I do. I read stories. I read these stories. Reading these stories and watching these videos is like looking at a shelf full of trophies. They remind me that the few wins have been worth all of the work.  

I'd highly encourage you to either build a shelf full of your own wins or keep refreshing this link to these stories. We are committed to keep adding trophies to this shelf, not just for our benefit, but so that you can be inspired to keep driving toward whatever change you are passionate about.