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Manna4life has been providing education since 2014 to 120 and 160 students per year. Initially, it was with the Mango Tree School (which our partners operated), but it was beyond their means to continue in this fashion. Manna4life partnered with another private Christian school a few kilometers away and transfered all the students to the new school. Initially, the transition went well as the school hired all the teachers from the Mango Tree School.

When the global pandemic hit, many challenges began to arise. The schools were closed and then reopened about 6 times in 2020 with many of the graduates not being able to complete last year's grade levels until the end of December. Each time the schools closed there was a drop in attendance due to a couple of reasons. Some students needed to work for their families as many parents lost their income due to cutbacks at garment factories. Also, some families moved away looking for work, and some students of working-age also dropped out. Mann4life tried to counter this in many ways as they met with families individually and as a group to determine what needs had to be met in order to keep their children in school. This led to a few changes in the way the ministry provided support; they included providing food, offering additional subsidies for children's tuition, and tutoring students who were falling behind because of the school closures.

In 2021 there were 65 students supported almost entirely through donations. Funds go towards students' tuition, transportation, food program, and teacher support.

Latest update

Donors bring dreams to reality

We are excited to share with you an update about Sreyleak. She has been sponsored by Manna4life, through our generous donors, to attend university during the last four years. She has now completed her last practicum at a children's hospital in Siam Reap and is preparing for her final exams.

She will be completing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing here in Cambodia. It has been her dream for many years but one she didn't think was possible due to the financial restraints of her parents living in a slum relocation site. As for many poor children here, dreams are one of the many things that are quickly depleted.

We have encouraged our kids that dreams can become a reality when they persevere in spite of the obstacles.

Through our donors, Manna4life can help move some of the obstacles that are in their path. We have now had four students graduate from university: in Business, Information Technology, Nursing and Banking.  Now, with one more about to graduate, the other 55 children we support see that it really is possible to break the cycle of poverty.

Thank you to our donors and Hungry for Life for bringing hope to these children.

Blessings, Kevin Knight  (Co-director of Manna4life)

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