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United Christians International (UCI) believes that a solid, Christian education is key to addressing both spiritual and physical poverty within communities. UCI now operates 2 elementary schools and a high school, providing education to over 1300 children, as well as a Christian university and tech school for over 900 students!

Elementary School

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6​

UCI is committed to providing a biblically-based education and utilizes certified teachers. There is a scholarship program that allows students the opportunity to go to school. At UCI, the parents are encouraged to work once a month at the school to help pay back and invest in their child’s education. Justin Mompremier ensures that the teachers adhere to the national standards of education as well as UCI's standards for spiritual formation.

Just $15 USD per month provides a child with a quality Christian education and a meal each day.

UCI University

“A Biblically-transformed life that will transform the lives of the Haitian people and the world”

UCI opened the university in 2012 with 80 students and has now grown to over 900 students. The university has a science lab, computer lab, dissection lab, clinic, and Internet in the classrooms, all for use in building up well-rounded, well-trained students. On all levels of schooling, a scholarship program allows students the opportunity to go to school. All university scholarship recipients have work-study, behavioral, and academic requirements. Lamour Mompremier is the board member that oversees the dorm life at the university, helps with disciplinary issues, and verifies that accreditation requirements will be met. The following programs are currently offered at the accredited university:​

  • Theology (4 years)
  • Agriculture Science (5 years)
  • Nursing (4 years)
  • Medical Doctor (6 years)
  • Elementary Education (3 years)

Latest update

School time!

Every morning students line up to watch the raising of the Haitian flag. In addition to prayer, singing a hymn and the national anthem, and reciting Bible verses, the children sing the school song. Then it is off to their separate classes!

This is their school song:

"The students of Unity Christian School, work so hard so we can get better, And we will advance into the future, We are friends and our goal is to succeed


There are 63 first graders in a single room. Another room will be built soon!

There have been many improvements in the high school! A new gate and chain link fence have been installed. Individual desks, new offices, bathrooms, a teacher's lounge, and a new kitchen and lunch gazebo are all being constructed. The older kids had been eating at the elementary school which was becoming too crowded. It is so nice for them to have their own space.

The school lunch program is very important right now since food is scarce. This is the only meal for many of the children. They were able to make new stoves for the ladies which has helped them become more efficient and has made cooking easier.

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