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Teams are blessed to be able to run or provide smaller ongoing or larger one-time projects throughout the community that bless the people of the Kakamega county. Some of these projects include the following: visiting schools throughout the area with feminine hygiene packs for girls and hygiene teaching for boys, running teaching days on a variety of topics, drilling wells, organizing small projects at local schools, and providing microfinance loans.

Latest update

Borehole for Ivole Primary

It's been an exciting and busy few months at Ivole Primary as the community prepares for the arrival of a new borehole. Planning is underway and community meetings are taking place, quotes have been received and accepted, and Everlyne and Aggrey are moving forward with funds received from Voice of Hope to drill a new borehole well at Ivole Friends Primary School in the Iguhu area of Kakamega.

The borehole will be accessible to the school and students, and to the community after school hours and on weekends. The clean water will change the overall health of the families and the students using it, as well as free up hours of time that mamas and children spend fetching water at local creeks and streams that also service the local livestock.

The willing and able crew from Rokya Supplies and General Works were on the ground. Despite a few hitches, the workers were able to hit water and the excitement was palpable as water spewed up out of the ground.

The concrete base was completed and, after a few days of waiting for the cement to dry, cold water began to flow along with smiles and laughter as the community collected healthy water. Life is changed thanks to the incredible generosity of the Voice of Hope community of supporters across Canada.

"On behalf of the school and the community I also want to pass on my appreciation for having donated the funds to drill a borehole especially in this hardship times of Covid where most people have lost their source of income." - Everlyne

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