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In progress

Only 39% of teens complete their secondary education in this community; strict Covid restrictions, closed schools, and limited employment opportunities have resulted in a group of teens who have aged out of high school but have no skills to become gainfully employed. There are many young women who became pregnant during this time and are now single parenting small children. The ministry of PPU has identified the need and is mobilizing with the start up of a vocational training centre. Currently they are running a tailoring course for girls and, as further funding becomes available, this will expand to include catering, carpentry and brick laying. The participants also receive parenting support and biblical teaching to help them become strong, responsible parents.

Latest update

Donations build training programs

A recent donation allowed for the beginning of the first project for a motorcycle maintenance shop and an expansion of the sewing project.

The motorcycle maintenance outlet is a 10 acre site where oil can be changed, tires repaired, and basic maintenance items stocked for sale. Young men will be trained up on tires, oil, spark plugs and other maintenance tasks for the many 150cc bikes on the roads. Once trained they will be ready for employment in other shops.

New sewing machines were purchased for the tailoring program, giving more women the skill levels needed to make uniforms and other clothing on order. Improved skills will make the project more self-sustaining, and the students will be able to start their own tailoring businesses.

The next phase is to construct two small retail spaces on the roadside, next to the motorcycle repair outlet. One will house a small shop for the tailoring project, and the other will be where articles of clothing can be marketed and clothes repaired.

These are steps toward the ultimate goal to have programs that can both train students and provide services and income to the community. Future plans for the vocational school are to build up the tailoring class further and then begin working on the motorcycle servicing training class that will become a profitable roadside business where young people can be trained.

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