About Heidi Blundell

Heidi works in HR, helps with Ukraine projects and coaches with Fullwell. She has led trips to Ukraine, Southeast Asia, Haiti and Kenya over the years.

Heidi Blundell

Married to Dave in 1997, Heidi has been around since the beginning, and over the years has had many different roles. Currently, she is involved in HR, projects in Ukraine and coaching with Fullwell Leadership.

“It has been such a blessing to be a part of HFL since the beginning. I am thrilled to be able to use my strengths and work with a great team of people toward a common goal of relieving needless suffering in the world.”

Her first trip to Ukraine was in 2004 when she fell in love with the culture/people, and she’s been there about 14 times since! It is always a blessing for her to reunite with old friends and share God’s grace and practical support to widows and orphans. She also works in HR and helps support new and current staff with their process of raising support. Most recently, she has joined the Fullwell Leadership team as an individual and team coach. She really appreciates being able to serve and support leaders from other non-profits to increase their impact.

Heidi enjoys people, being outdoors, and chocolate! She’s loving parenting young adults and was thrilled to add an amazing daughter-in-law to the family in 2021. She also recently discovered a love for hammocking!