About Jessica Goshulak

Jessica helps people engage in career opporunities at HFL and has been on 5 trips to Uganda, Kenya, Souteast Asia, Cuba, and Haiti.

Jessica Goshulak
Jessica Goshulak

Jessica Goshulak

Recruitment & Marketing

Jessica spends most of her time recruiting and responding to people interested in starting a career at HFL. Her role is to guide people through the application process of HFL and also making new staff feel like part of our family. Also, part of her job is planning the annual fundraiser in November.

“We all have so much to give, and I want to make sure I am doing my part. I want to see the underdogs get a chance to rise and see people’s hearts change through helping others.”

Prior to working at HFL, Jessica completed her degree in Business & Communications and the Hospitality Event Planning program at UFV. She always knew Non-Profit was where she would end up. The injustice of poverty claimed her heart and she knew something had to be done and that she could help. So through a series of events, she ended up at Hungry For Life.

Jessica is married to Luke, the Chilliwack native who brought her here all the way from Abbotsford. Together they have three kids, Chase, Otto & Stevie-Rose.