About Kristie O'Hara

Kristie processes all the donations that come in and helps with systems mangement. She has been on several trips to Haiti and Kenya.

Kristie O'Hara

Kristie takes care of all donations that come through the ministry. She also works with our systems to make sure they are up and running efficiently.

“I believe that God has called me to leave this world different than how I first found it! Being a part of the team at Hungry For Life has given me the opportunity to let God do just that. I refuse to believe that I can’t leave a better world for my kids.”

Since she was very young she has had a passion for missions and seeing the needs of those less fortunate met! A missionary couple planted a seed in her heart that has just kept growing over the years. She was called to Hungry For Life in 2003 and hasn’t looked back since. Over the years her role has changed and developed to where she is today in Finance & Systems. She love supporting the staff from the office and enjoys getting out on the field when she can.

Kristie is married to Nathan and they have 3 boys, Luke, Hudson and Benton. Kristie loves spending time together with her family!  She hopes that her boys will one day find, in their own way, passion to impact their worlds leaving them just a little bit better than they found it!

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