A Hopping Good Saturday

Written by: 
Anita, Heidi, Julia



Bright eyed and bushy tailed, we all hopped out of bed (even Anita)! We enjoyed a delicious cup of coffee while nibbling on a traditional western breakfast.

We hopped into the van and bounced down the dirt road to New Jerusalem. We hopped out of the van and were welcomed by bouncing children. The men eagerly jumped back into the construction projects. The girls played with the hopping children until English classes began, and then all worked together to get as much concrete and roofing done in order to beat the rain.

We munched on our delicious lunch made by the local ladies, our noses twitching while trying the fried bananas. Together with the school communities, we said our prayers, thank-yous and goodbyes.

It was good to see how much progress we made during our time in new Jerusalem. We hopped in our large van again and bounced to the colonial zone to jump through the markets. After we finished purchasing our souvenirs and gifts, we hopped off to the oceanside to enjoy some fresh pizza and ice cream!

Sleepy eyes and bushy tailed, we all crawled back into our nests!

Buenas noches :)

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