November 2022

A Local Perspective

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This blog is special! Our liaison Makara has stepped up to share a little about his perspective on short-term missions. From Makara:

Cross-cultural missions requires the basic skills of a self-starter. Planning, preparing and being responsible for a team of people is a BIG undertaking. God can work and move through people while on short-term trips. It's easy for our perception of missions to become romanticized. But often, people travel to the missions field and feel exhausted, unproductive, and lost. This not necessarily a bad thing. Missions is hard. It isn't meant for everyone. But once you've actually engaged in meaningful short-term missions work and you've had a positive experience with a long term team on the ground you never know the impact you could have on one person, who could, in turn, have an impact on a whole community once they go back home.