February 2022

Another busy day

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The day began with Pastor Silas showing us the very contaminated pond where the people of this area used to get their drinking water. After that we drove to the “Water Project”. Water is pumped up from the Yala River to a height of about 800 feet and spreads out to six water points. The trench in which the pipes were laid is several kilometers long and was dug by hand through to a depth of 2 feet through rocky terrain. An amazing feat.

The next visit was to Seje school where we received an exuberant welcome by the children who had gathered outside. We toured the farm next to the school. Animals such as pigs and chickens are raised to be sold to provide funds for the operation of the school. Pastor Silas oversees all these projects. Their aim is to be a self sustaining school.

After a quick visit to a grocery store we went back to Pastor Silas’ house for lunch. The afternoon was spent visiting 6 widows and their families, listening to their stories and sharing God’s Word with them and praying with them. They are always happy to have us over for a visit.
Back “home” to a delicious supper and now we are ready to go to bed.

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