Flight Delay, Java Hut, Souvenirs, Safari & Checking the Tires

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Because of a flight delay we were able to sleep in a little on Monday morning. Breakfast at 6 a.m. and out the door to the Kakamega local airport for our return flight to Nairobi by 8am. We said our goodbyes to Aggrey, our field partner’s assistant and the cooks who so lovingly cared for us. We also had to part ways with two of our dear team members, Rebecca and Carla. Their husbands had flown into Kenya several days earlier and were on the way to pick them up.
In Nairobi we visited Martha and Eva, the ladies who take care of so many children at Shiphrah. They were delighted with the large suitcase full of Duplo (large Lego) blocks, crafts and coloring pages, crayons, etc. We toured the new building under construction that will provide a dining area and be able to house the girls in a large dorm room on the second floor.
The flight delay had cut short our planned time to enjoy Java Hut and a quick stop to shop for souvenirs. But we managed to purchase a few souvenirs and enjoy a coffee with a super-sized slice of the best carrot cake ever!
On to our overnight tented camp safari! We had a great afternoon game drive, a lovely dinner and a good night’s sleep. 6:30 a.m. found us back in a safari truck for our morning drive followed by a marvelous late breakfast.
On our safari ride we learned a new term, “Going to check the tires!” We would love to hear your guesses about what this term means for us women! Leave your guess in the comments below! There may be a prize for the person who guesses it correctly!
Our work here is completed. Our hearts and minds are turning homeward and looking forward to seeing our loved ones again! 
May God bless the work done in His name to His glory and the strengthening of his people here in Kenya.

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