November 2022

Arise & Shine and Give God the Glory

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A highlight each year is our visit to the Arise and Shine preschool. This school has 55 children aged 3-5 registered. We left our “home” early with bags loaded with craft supplies, suckers, and Bible story supplies. I am not too sure who was more excited - the children or us :-) The children welcomed us with exuberant singing and huge smiles. After playing a few games we headed inside the classroom. Anne, Debbie, and Lisa told the story of Moses and Pharaoh. They had the kids' attention and the message of salvation came out clearly! Next, we guided the kids through a craft. They were very pleased with their paper bag sheep puppets! Today was also graduation day for the 5-year-olds who will now enter first grade at primary school. We are already looking forward to our visit next year to this happy little school! -Sue-

After a wonderful picnic lunch under the branches of a majestic shade tree with gorgeous valley views in front of us, we headed out to visit the widows of the area. This countryside is so lush and green, they have two plantings of corn a year, and an abundant supply of wood for fires yet it is not sufficient for their basic needs.
Our first visit was with an exuberant widow, who was so delighted to see us, and so thankful for everything that Voice of Hope has done for her, which is repeated by each and every widow we visited.
Children appear by the handful everywhere we go. Debbie, Lisa, and Lydia faithfully hand out, sweeties, stuffies, hot wheels, hand knit socks and all are so delighted.
Our day ended with another visit to dear Brenda, it was so comforting for us all to see that she is lovingly being cared for by a neighbor lady who has done some of her laundry and cleaned her house.
To witness Maryanne’s kindness and love as she tenderly cares for Brenda is truly a blessing to us all.

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