November 2022

Arrived in Kakamega and Went Slip-Sliding on some visits

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Good Morning World- Thank you God for the safety of travel, a glorious shower, and a bed and pillow to rest our weary heads!! 

Waking up this morning after a restful sleep, where one could stretch out completely, was so appreciated and a blessing.

After 18 1/2 hours flying, cramped in a very condensed plane plus time spent in the airports waiting, anyplace to lay our heads would have been perfect. 

After a “few hours” of sleep, a wonderful breakfast and a much needed cup of coffee, we began our day with a devotional.

While I am writing the above in jest- I am acutely aware that what I consider a basic need and take for granted, THESE are considered luxuries and not a given to many of our widows and their families. A reminder to me of how much I take for granted everyday, and what I consider just a basic need. 

We made our way to Kakamega, where we were greeted by our dear friends who always take such good care of us while we are here. 

As we were getting ready to head out for our visits, the heavens opened up - the rains came, and the power went out. 

We eventually made our way to two of our widows homes and the home where sweet Baby Raj is. He has grown and is doing so well. While his prognosis to walk is very slim, he is a healthy well cared for child. 

We close today thanking God for his gracious provision and for the safety and protection of our dear friends- our widows and their families. 

Until tomorrow- goodnight to you our beloved families and friends. Thank you for your support and prayers.

Blessings & Love in Him,

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