February 2023

Bibles, Bubbles and Babies

Written by: 
Stacey and Christy


Day 2 in Kakamega county started bright and early with the roosters (continual) crow. After a nutritious breakfast, we loaded up the van and set our for a day full of widow visits, a spiritual group meeting, a trip to Dr. Isaac at the clinic, and some shopping. 

Some of our ladies joined the spiritual group meeting, held at Freda’s home. This group meets weekly for worship, bible study and general support for each other and their families. It was a sweet time of fellowship, which included the sharing of joys and struggles in their lives , testimonies of God’s goodness to them and beautiful, robust singing.

While they worshipped, Linda, Stacey, and Christy were able to share bible stories with a small group of children. The children loved to play with bubbles and showed some impressive skipping skills. After handing out sweeties, we were on our way to our first widow visit. 

In total we visited 3 of our widows ~ Rose, Antonina and Pamela. Before beginning each visit, a prayer of blessing over the home was shared. During our time together, we shared encouragement from Isaiah 40:28-31, which is our theme passage for each widow visit. After a time of sharing, our visits were closed with a time of prayer.

One of our team members was generously given medical supplies to bring along. We were able to pass these along to the local medical clinic, where Dr. Isaac partners with Voice of Hope to meet the needs of our widows. 

A lunch of sandwiches was enjoyed together, outside Antonina’s home. From there, we ventured into Kakamega city for some groceries for our woman’s day, which we hope to enjoy tomorrow.

Overall, it was a beautiful day filled with worship, sharing, joy and blessing. It is a delight to be sharing the richness of the gospel with our widows and their families. It is also privilege to share their burdens and to see God’s goodness in their lives. We continue to pray that they would indeed continue to “wait upon the Lord” and experience His strength and power in their lives.

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