February 2023

Bibles, Bubbles, Babies AND Boda Bodas

Written by: 
Brittany Pennings & Linda Koopman


After another full night of rooster crowing and funeral drums, we got up for breakfast and devotions at 7:00 am after which we got an early start on preparing for Ladies Day in Kakamega. Half the team was setting up and welcoming the ladies while Christy, Delia, Jolande were off to begin cooking with Maggie and Maria. They made the biggest pots of Nasi we’ve  ever seen and looked like they should have lasted for 3 weeks but only lasted all of 30 minutes … A delicious improvised peanut sauce topped our Nasi.

Stacey, Brittany, and Linda entertained the kids so that their moms could focus on the speech. They were enthralled with the bible stories, colouring, bubbles and lots of dinky car driving.

Helen, Lauri, and Everlyn gave an amazing object lesson that showed everything and everyone are created for a purpose and glorify God when that purpose is fulfilled.  Just like a pot is supposed to be used for cooking -not as a hat- which Helen didn’t seem to understand 😂 The ladies burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter. After they were able to calm themselves, Helen gave the lesson and the ladies broke into groups to discuss what it means to be a christian steward in order to fulfill their purpose.

The ladies then left to return to their homes either by walking, by van drive- compliments of Tom,- or by a couple of Boda Boda drivers (aka motorcycle taxis). *Think taxi but a little more freedom because the hands and feet do not stay inside the vehicle at all times.* The VOH team also decided it would be a good idea to risk our lives with Andrew, who promised he was the best Boda Boda driver in Kenya- he was right!

After taking a few (several) moments to relax after the ladies left, we were able to stir up the energy and were blessed to be able to visit 4 ladies, Melaline, Monica, Milka and Esnas. There has been some really wonderful stories of God transforming their lives and their families lives. Such as providing a new home for a widow who had none, and a fresh start in the home and school life for a troubled young man. God is so good!

While we love to share the positive experiences, they do not come without a share in some negative ones. We would love if you could pray for our translator Aggrey who we enjoyed a great first day with but upon arriving home, his 1.5 year old granddaughter passed away. We mourn with him and his family and have missed his welcoming smile and encouraging presence on our visits. 

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