Concrete, Children, and Colonial Zone

Written by: 
Kerwin and Liam


With less barking interruptions through the night we woke up at around 7:15 and went to breakfast which consisted of some sort of pancake square with watermelon. Topped off with a strawberry banana drink. From there another group of students involving Adrian, Jake, Jonas, Marquita, Carlye, Joel Neels (which the student guessed his age of 80 years) and Elvin Goudzwaard went to the school, to connect with the students which was a fun experience, but sort of chaotic. These grades were 1-3 which we visited, making it harder to communicate because they did not know English whatsoever. 

The construction crew made it to the house by 8:30 and picked off from where it was left the day before. At the pastors house we worked on pouring the floors which was a success, currently at about 1/2 the house being poured. As well as sanding the walls with broken cinder blocks making it ready for the painters. Extremely tiring first half of the day but very successful!

Some of the guys hitched a ride with one of our amigos in the back of his truck back to our hotel. For lunch we had some noodle with veggies completed with some more juice. Once we finish that we headed off to the bus where we would do a tour of the history of the Dominican Republic. After an hour or so of driving and winding through all the local traffic we arrived. While the history teacher shared the history in Spanish, a buddy of ours Jonny interpreted it into English. Once that was done we headed off to the market

Watching our amigo friends negotiate cheaper prices for souvenirs was a hoot. Willy, Jonny, Hailey, and Katie saved us from a few dollars a couple times but sometimes the sellers were too stubborn to budge the price. 

From there we went on another interesting drive involving the traffic. We stopped at a park, and enjoyed some ice cream and frozen yogurt. A little beach was close by so we walked down there and the water was very warm! There happened to be a local baseball team running in a stretch of sand nearby. So we joined them, and had a blast racing some of them. A time they were way ahead they would get all cocky and mock us as they ripped down the beach way ahead of us. Boy oh boy they can run!! But they definitely didn’t beat us on every race! There was this one guy that was unstoppable. 

After we said goodbye we started back to the bus. Ahead of us was the same 1 hr drive. It was an enjoyable ride back to the hotel. We had a delicious supper which was eggs, mashed potato, and deep fried mozzarella cheese, was super tasty!! Ending the day with another competitive night of volleyball!

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