Finishing touch

Written by: 
Gevin and Tyrell


March 30,

The morning started cloudless and blue like all the others. We woke up to the warm sound of Mr. Van Hoepen announcing the time and when breakfast was. Breakfast was refreshing and filling as usual and we split up into two groups. The first group went to the construction site to start the last day of work on pastor Pierre's house. Mostly they worked on sanding the walls on the inside of the house and then priming and painting them. The other group headed to the church to lead a short chapel service. They played a game of trivia and the girls won by a long shot further proving that that the gender pay gap doesn't exist. After the chapel they went to grade 12 and talked to them about Canada and taught them all about hockey. After grade 12 they went to grade 11 and gave them the same speech. By this time the construction crew had got more paint on themselves then the walls and everybody headed back for an amazing lunch. We had some stuffed tacos for lunch and the groups switched. The group that was painting went to the school and the group that went to school went to go paint. The school group went to the grade 10 class and the Dominicans did a dance and sung the national anthem. We then sung the Canadian national anthem. From there we hung around till 4 when we went to the house we were building for the ceremony. The painters had finished off the house and the windows and doors had been installed. At the ceremony one of the Dominican pastors did a speech and the keys were handed over to pastor Pierre and his wife. Pierre then did a speech and did a little walk around of the house. Then we all went back and had supper that consisted of mashed potatoes and chicken and was very good. We had a little group talk after supper and then we went to play volleyball, then we went to bed

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