January 2023

Day in the village

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Today was such a great day! On the way to the school we stopped in at Joyce’s house to see if the gutter install was complete, while a couple of the guys helped with the eave trough, the rest of us wandered over to the neighbors house, where a lady and her 4 children were harvesting corn, so we helped them with a few stocks. Then we headed off to the school and met with all Westbow and voice of Hope sponsor children. We did update photos and info of the children. We loaded up our sponsor kids and headed into Siaya to go school shoe shopping. We found them each a pair of shinny new shoes for school and let them each pick another pair of shoes as well. We then headed across the street to get everyone some ice cream and a pop. These children had never had ice cream before, but all loved it! We then headed back to their homes, to meet with their parents/grandparents and give them some new backpacks filled with goodies. After that we headed out and went to visit 4 widows homes and gave them each some food baskets. Along the road we stopped to hand out some soccer balls and lots of sweeties (suckers). We also took a bunch of polaroid pictures, so they could have their very own pictures to keep. It was such a fulfilling day!

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