January 2023

First day in Yogo

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Today we went from Siaya to Yogo. We visited the Christ Glory Centre school, where they were hosting a 3 day youth conference. We joined the group, listening to the amazing singing and then Pastor Silas had a message for the youth and young adults. 

The main theme of the message was EVERYONE has a purpose. God has created EVERYONE in his image. God has a plan for EVERYONE. It was such a motivating message, not just for the youth, but everyone there. 

We took a tour of the school and saw the newly added boy dorm, girls dorm, new kitchen, and classrooms. 

Afterwards, we had the pleasure of having lunch with Pastor Silas in his office near the school. We then walked to the new ground breaking staff headquarters and library, which will be assessable to anyone. 

After Pastor Silas fed us, we went to Mama Joyce’s, who is supported by A Voice Of Hope, to build a house for Joyce’s daughter. Kim and I handed out suckers to the group of children that lived there, then Jason, Justin and Deller worked in the heat of the day, lending a hand where they could. Later on, Jason, Kim and I (Tonia) went for a walk with 2 of the children to get water which was 700 metres from the home. This is collected 6 times a day. The jugs are 40lbs/jug. There were a group of children laughing and smiling at the water well, making fun of Jason when he stepped in a mud hole. They had a great sense of humor and you couldn’t help but laugh along with them.

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