February 2022

Excited students, colourful market stalls and sweet widow felloship

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We were on our way early this morning to Sabane Secondary where approximately 175 students attend. We met with the staff first and after that the boys were separated from the girls and were given hygiene presentations followed by a Q and A period . They were each given hygiene care packs and Bibles. 

The best part of their day was when both groups were presented with a brand new soccer ball . The shouts of excitement were loud and palpable. 

A quick bite to eat back at our home and then to the local market . We saw colorful market stalls with fruit and vegetables, legumes, clothing and fish. The sights , sounds and smells are always vivid here in Africa. There is always a goat, chicken, cow or pig or a variety of animals grazing nearby, small fires smoldering causing a blue or white haze , colorful clothes and tons of little children with the most beautiful smiles. 

We finished the day with 3 visits with our sponsored widows. Widows that have concerns and great trials with regards to their health, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren but also have joy and thanksgiving with answered prayers. 

We encouraged them with God's promise to Joshua in Joshua 1 vs 9 as he prepared to lead the Israelites to The Promised Land . A promise to all of us if we believe in God who has forgiven us our sins because of Jesus' perfect redemptive sacrifice on the cross. A promise to encourage us as we fight against all our battles on our way to our Promised Land . We are never alone, God is near ...always Jolande

May The Lord bless you and keep you!

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