October 2023

Falling asleep at 6am

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We've landed in Kenya. Only one more short flight remains between us and our destination.

Thanks to our drivers Fran and Bert we arrived at the Seattle airport with plenty of time to spare! Although flying out of Seattle added time we did get to enjoy our last fall leaves for the year. En route we've had good conversation, some pretty good plane food, and a few naps... we won't rate the quality of the naps! We spent time wandering around the beautiful Istanbul airport and, of course, had to take a few group photos! It's been enjoyable having time to bond as a group.

We landed in Nairobi praying for a smooth trip through customs and... We made it through without a hitch! Just showering and resting for a few hours before we continue this travel day. We will be reunited with Maryanne and Lisa soon!

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