Farewell to new friends

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This evening we said goodbye to the lovely ladies that had been with us for the week. Would you believe a few tears were shed??

They are going back home via a long, long train ride. We could also see that they were anticipating a difficult time ahead, re-entering the active war zone. So heart- wrenching! We pray that our time together brought them some peace, rest and refreshment. They were so appreciative of this place and what we experienced together.

The area of Mukachevo is known for mineral pools so we spent a few times in these therapeutic waters. Another morning was touring the local castle/fortress overlooking the area. One afternoon was spent fabric painting under the direction of a lovely lady who is trained in art therapy (some of us are thankful we don’t rely on our artist skills for our living!).

A highlight was our evening devotions led by Sig with Rob adding some commentary. The conversations and questions were flying back and forth. The thirst for God’s Word was so obvious and contagious. One dear sister wanted Sig to interpret every verse of Revelation (it would have been an all nighter or more!)

Our final evening was so special as we prayed over each lady, asking the Lord to give them strength and courage for each day.

Tomorrow we get ready for the next group which arrives in the evening.

Thanks again for your prayers.

Love, the team

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