February 2022

Final day of visits

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It’s finally here! The last day of visits to our widows and their families. 
It seems like we have just arrived in Kenya, however, at the same time it also seems that what we do in a morning seems like an age ago in the evening. We don’t know that we will ever understand the full impact of the culture here, and of certain traditions which are still adhered to, but we do know that many of our widows are trusting in God, are joyful, and have a ready smile.
Most of our older widows are not able to read. They were given a Galcom audio Bible in the tribal dhuluo language so that they are able to listen to God’s word. Do we realize how blessed we are? Brought up in Bible believing families, brought up in God’s word!
Tomorrow we will head to Kisumu. Jolande will visit a sponsor child there, while the rest of us visit a family in the Nyalenda slum, then off to Nairobi!

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