February 2024

Finishing Strong

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Our last day in Guatemala. With an abundance of head colds, sore muscles, and tired brains, we headed back to the AMG school for a final day of serving. There were five classrooms to paint, and one office of a supervisor who desperately wanted fresh colours on her walls.

It’s tempting at the end of a full two weeks of serving to do the minimum and hold back from investing in the last small jobs, but our team did the opposite. It took lots of work to get done all the rooms in the project, and the team wholeheartedly poured out their energy to get the job completed. Paint was poured, music was played and sung, and many conversations happened. We took a couple breaks for Coca Colas and Guatemalan snacks, and then said goodbye to the group of teen AMG students that were helping us with the project. By the end of the day the rooms were bright, clean, and refilled with colourful desks.

After a final supper at AMG’s beautiful guesthouse, we settled in for a final debrief as a group. Time was spent encouraging and affirming God’s work in and through each other, and then each individual shared what they learned about God and themselves, and what things and people impacted them during the past two weeks. God has been so good. Where there was fear, God provided peace. Where there was sickness, God provided perseverance, energy and joy. When faced with unusual experiences, there was curiosity and teachability. We are so grateful for how God provided and taught us through the beautiful people of Guatemala that we had the privilege to meet and get to know. 

Thank you for praying for our team! 

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