February 2023

First Sunday in Malawi

Written by: 
Eva Neels


Our first Sunday in Malawi!

We left for church at around 8:45, Malawi time. Those who get it, get it ;). The road to church was full of puddles. As we passed people on the road they got absolutely soaked from the wake of our bus. The final stretch of road to the Timotheos church was too much for the bus, so Gerrit taxied us from the bus to the buildings. 

The church was a small building with wooden benches, and people went in and out freely as the service went on. There was so many little kids sitting still and listening intently. The sound of rain hammering  on the roof continued through the service. After church, we brought Bible verse colouring books and crayons for the kids in Sunday school. We handed them out and helped some of them colour. They were so excited to get brand new books and visitors. We also gave each of them a lollipop which they loved! While they were doing the activity, one of us noticed a kid looking longingly from outside the building. We invited her inside, but she wouldn’t accept the invite. So, we brought her a book and crayons and coloured with her outside. She wasn’t allowed to participate with the other kids, either because she got kicked out of the program for some reason, or because she didn’t have a sponsor. After this, we made our way back to our place. 

We picked up one of Jason’s friends who happened to be in Blantyre, and had a coffee break in a treehouse. After some great coffee, we drove to our lodge. Everyone played some games, went for a walk, and relaxed for a bit. 

We’re getting ready for a busy week ahead in Nsanje! 

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