November 2022

Found Beauty in Cambodia

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Through Cambodia I saw you 
I saw you through Cambodia 
Through your eyes 
Through your smiles 
Through your hugs 
Through your words 
Through children 
Through leaders through you 
Through us 

Thank you lord because your love is sufficient 
No matter where I look I always find you or better said you always find me 
Your beauty is all over - 
in your creation - 
In people 
A tree
A leaf 
A house 
A smile 
A look 
A 🦅 sound 
An ocean wave 
A kiss 
A hug 
A word 
A fisherman's boat 
A color 
A sunrise 
A sunset 
An error 
In the midst of brokenness 
In joy 

As the bodies of water surrounded today in Cambodia , this beautiful, land by front the immensity of the blue ocean - 
Surrounded Estuaries and 
salt fills 
This is you in creation. I see you! You have created us in one place one society one nation with diversity but yet uniquely to be the body of Christ - to love to uplift to flourish 
Being whole in you , being whole unto your image , as that beautiful circle where we enter in communion with you, with us, and with others 
One as the Father Son & Holy Spirit .

By Ana

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