November 2022

God works behind the scenes

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Weeks ago Craig Greenfield crossed my path in Vancouver. As I shared that I am an architect he asked if I could take a look at a preliminary concept proposal that they already had for a Chapel in Shalom Valley, Cambodia.

As I learned about Alongsiders I was deeply impacted by the profound results of this movement on the lives of thousands of youngsters. My reaction to the existing architectural proposal for the chapel was that it lacked a bold concept rooted in spirit of the Lord. I proposed a new design based on the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Three crosses began to shape the new chapel as I arrived to Cambodia.

During our retreat at Shalom Valley, the Lord was visible in the solid leadership and humility of Phearom and Daroth, the heart of Makara for a vision “a nation of the Lord”, and the passion of Pon Nan longing a construction of a chapel.
As I participated in the retreat, Pastor Ken presented healing from shame and guilt. Pastor Ash, in a caring voice promoted understanding for the brokenness of our lives using “winds” as a metaphor. I also witnessed the boldness of Pastor Patrick to continue to engage for more than fourteen years in the journey of Cambodia.

As all of these unveiled in front of our eyes, the Lord kept transforming all of us. We began to unpack, each sharing our wounds in our lives’ journey. We all started to see that in a broken world, from the ashes of a Cambodia rooted in pain and genocide, we witness the tears of hope that a new generation of believers will redeem the kingdom of God in this nation.

Even through a busy agenda God works quietly behind the scenes.

A new design was born raising from the ashes an iconic spiritual concept of three crosses for the chapel in the heart of Shalom Valley.

I loved the reactions on peoples’ faces as I unveiled the images of the chapel. May in humbleness we recognize and give glory to the creator of the universe, the one that has breathed life unto us.

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