February 2023

God's Beauty in Many Forms

Written by: 
Brittany Pennings & Linda Koopman


We beat the rooster today with an early start at 5:30 for breakfast before starting the drive to Kakamega Forest. Tom- the gentleman as always- did his best to ensure we could get the best views and pictures of the beautiful sunrise along the way. ❤️

The 2 hour walk through Kakamega Forest rewarded us with a break from the heat. Our tour guide, Nancy, did an excellent job of not losing us, but also giving amazing explainations about the many species of flora and fauna (specifically the monkeys). It was so interesting to learn about their conservation efforts to protect the forest in ways like tree nurseries and surrounding the forest with electric fence and tea fields- to prevent the locals from taking the herbal bark from the trees, and allowing their cattle to graze in the forest. The tea fields also provide many jobs for locals, and an income for further conservation efforts.

On the way to visit our next two widows, Siphrosa and Lillian, we stopped for some much needed snackage and also at a local market booth to browse their basket and clay pot selections- many of which will attempt to make the journey home with us.

We enjoyed some followship and singing with Shiphrosa after a short hike to her house, and enjoyed seeing Lillian at her booth at the Malinya Market- which we were able to walk through and explore. Then after a much needed lunch and nap, the cloudy sky and light breeze allowed for a refreshing visit and more singing with Margaret and Rita.

* Please keep our widows in your prayers. We love to share our positive experiences with them on our blogs, but many of these women are suffering greatly in their everyday lives.

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