January 2022

God's perfect timing

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Good Morning from the other side of the world! We plan to post our blog the morning after our days activities. 

January 14 started at the crack of dawn with the roosters crowing which is always a lovely reminder of how blessed we are to be back in this beautiful country. We left early this morning, to help some of the widows hoe their shamba (garden. They make it look so easy, but it isn’t. I am always reminded and in awe of how strong and hard these widows work daily just to survive. We returned to the house to freshen up and start the first of our 4 visits we planned to make.

Three of the four widow visits went smoothly and on the last visit we came upon our dear friend Brenda who is suffering from diabetes. We found her laying on her tarp in her lawn. Brenda, if you recall, lost her leg to this disease. Mary Anne and Aggrey picked her up and helped her to her chair.
It was evident right away that she was in distress and was having a hard time concentrating. We gave her some water and asked if she could hold the bottle- she looked at her hand very vaguely and the look on her face was distressing to us all. Brenda was carried to her bed and they soon discovered that her sugar levels were extremely low- and on the dangerous side. We remained with her to make sure she was eating some sweet candies and repeatedly rechecked her levels. Thankfully Janessa had a supply of appropriate candies and experience to help in a diabetic situation. The candies brought her levels back to a normal range. Mary Anne explained the seriousness of Brenda’s situation to her daughter and that the Home Nurse was coming by tomorrow. God in his providence had us arrive there at just the right time as her condition was extremely critical.

After ensuring Brenda was stable enough - we drove to the local “Walmart” to buy food for our Ladies day that is planned for Saturday.

God as always, is a GOOD GOD - he continues to bless and cover our widows. We continue to covet your prayers for Brenda and our widows. We closed the day with a debrief & devotion.


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