November 2022

God Will Wipe Away All Tears

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We were chorused awake on this beautiful sunny morning with the sounds of many birds and our favorite, the roosters, well I may be the only one who likes the sound.
After a relaxed breakfast and morning devotions, we headed out to a funeral for a Voice of Hope widow, supported by the Ontario group. 
There were many, many speakers, with singing and dancing in between groups of speakers, unfortunately for us we could not understand much, but at one point we did have one who spoke a few English sentences, clearly for our benefit.
The funeral was another reminder that we are all the same, this life is temporary and death is certain.
After a lunch of French fries, chicken, and a delicious tomato/cucumber salad we headed out again for several more widow visits.
It was as an emotional visit to Brenda, a young widow with diabetes nearing the end of her life. She is so concerned for her children after she passes, but we were so encouraged to hear her affirm that Christ was her savior and pray that God will provide for the children.
Then on to visit Catherine who has buried 3 sons that died of muscular dystrophy and has 1 living son with the same diagnosis. 
Roda was the last visit of the day, another special lady who sang ‘What a friend we have in Jesus for us.’
She cares for a handicapped granddaughter, whose mother abandoned her. 
Both these women carry such heavy loads, and as mothers, we feel the weight as well.
Our visits are so appreciated, they are so happy to see the team again and so grateful for the support from Voice of Hope.
“And God shall wipe away all their tears!"

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