February 2024

Halfway Mark

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This morning was a slower one, because yesterday was full of running around, swimming and playing games / sports (my team was undefeated in basketball yesterday). After having some food, we headed to the chapel to do some action songs with the kids. Although I don’t understand what the song is saying I still love doing the actions with everyone.

Following that, we had a game where you paired up with a partner and held a towel, each of you holding the corners. If you were lucky one of the councillors would put a water ballon on your towel and you would get to launch it in the air. There was so many laughs it was amazing. Next was pool time, where some of us get extra rest, or went for a cold swim on an overcast day. After everyone dried off / woke up, we headed for lunch for some chicken and rice. The boys at my table were teaching me different words in Spanish and were very patient with making sure I got the pronunciation right. After cleaning up all the dishes we got the choice of doing either crafts or soccer.

I picked soccer and we got into teams. Started it off with scoring to goals, then they lost 2 players because they got too tired, so I joined their team because it was unfair for them. It wasn’t too long until it was me, and two others against 8 boys. I tried my best, but they did end up beating us.

We transitioned into station games where I got to run the red light, green light station. My favourite part was when this boy named Mario played. He wasn’t particularly interested in winning, rather when they had the green light, he would model walk, and when they stopped for the red light, he would strike a pose and see if I was watching. Obviously, I was and laughing my head off as he struck a new pose each time.

Afterwards, we had dinner, and oh my goodness love was in the air, not surprising as it is Valentine’s Day, haha. I was shocked by how many of the boys at the table were hand signing me that they loved a certain girl and they described them with pointing at a piece of clothing then a colour to show me what they were wearing. After dinner, we had an earlier end to our night to get some rest so that we can be more engaged for our last two days at this wonderful camp.

God has been so good to us in pouring into us, enabling us to love on these kids with our whole hearts.

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