February 2023

Heat, Health and Hygiene

Written by: 
Christy Kikkert


We started the morning with breakfast and reading from Matthew 10:5-31. Verse 16 especially stood out to us. “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves.”Tom packed the van like a Tetris Superstar and we were off to the St.Francis Xavier Imalaba Secondary School where we were able to make a presentation on health and hygiene kits were handed out to 131 boys and 194 girls and even some of the teachers. Jolanda and Linda taught the girls about proper hygiene, menstruation, sex and how God designed each one of us special and for His glory. Tom (our driver) spent time sharing the topic of puberty with the boys, followed by Laurie, teaching hygiene and respect for women. The school was very appreciative! What a blessing to be with them all. After saying or goodbyes we quickly stopped by a local market then headed home for lunch.After our stomachs were full and we were rested, we headed out to meet up with two of our widows, Diane and Helen. Diane shared with us Matt 5:1-5, which is a great comfort to her. We were blessed to see Helen’s new raised flower beds. Helen is attending the adult education class, sponsored by Voice of Hope. At that class, she was learning simple reading writing and arithmetic and also learning about agri-business. The teaching has been about kitchen gardens and about selling. Helen’s garden is a model of raised bed intensive gardening. We returned home for some much needed rest and escape the heat! It was HOT!Praise God for another blessed day!

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