November 2023

Hello from Kakamega

Written by: 
Idelette Sommer


Hello from Kakamega!

Today was another eventful day filled with many experiences and blessings. Our day began with mudding Joyce's outside kitchen. Mudding protects the building from the elements. This is very hard work that begins with women fetching water and strong men mixing water and dirt. The mud is then slathered on the outside walls. It was such a blessing to see neighboring ladies join us in work and together we sang praises to God.

After a quick cleanup we went grocery shopping in Kakamega. We took our groceries to the widow's houses where they taught us how to cook chapati, green grams and vegetables. These ladies can cook the most delicious food on an open fire! We enjoyed a lovely supper with the ladies and a wonderful time of fellowship and sharing testimonies of how God is good and praising His glory.

One of my many favorite experiences so far are the kids. They follow us everywhere we go. They play and giggle just as every child at home. They have the sweetest voices when they sing "I will make you fisher's of men."

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