Hit The Road Running

Written by: 
Janet & Rosanna


After landing in Kisumu we traveled to our guest house in Kakamega. We had our first 7 widow visits yesterday after a much-needed nap and a delicious meal prepared by Maggie and Julia, our sweet helpers. The visits went well, and the ladies were happy and grateful to see us. We shared Bible verses, received prayer requests, sang songs and gifted them with flour, sugar, and oil to make chapatis, and also tea, soap & a washcloth.
We visited Mary who is 91. She had been hit by a motorcycle a few weeks ago. Her shoulder had been dislocated and her leg broken. She was in a lot of pain!  Berin, another dear friend was visited. Berin’s daughter suffers with seizures. She also has the concern that a family  member is trying to evict her from her home. We praise God for the grace he has given Berin to deal with some dark providences. She is an excellent mother and radiates joy!
Today we held our Lady’s Day conference. We covered a lot of information including Lords day 1 of the Heidelberg catechism. Methods of agriculture were also discussed. Together as a group we enjoyed a well-prepared meal of nasi and stroop waffles. The widows quite enjoyed it!
We visited 4 more widows this afternoon and experienced a Kenyan thunderstorm with heavy torrential downpours so much so that we had to sing songs because we couldn't hear each other. We were very much encouraged to see that God is working in their lives!
Please remember these widows and others in your daily prayers!

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