February 2022

How we spent the Lord's Day in Kenya

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This morning we worshiped at one of the local churches where we heard a good message. I was amazed again to see the many children sit so quietly, on hard benches without a back rest, throughout the 3 1/2 hour service. Very few had to leave for a few minutes to answer the call of nature. 

After the service we went back “home” for lunch and a short rest. In the afternoon we visited a few of our widows. Our last visit was at Florence’s house where her two daughters and one of our other widows joined us and we spent our time talking, asking questions to see how they were doing, and then took turns reading Scripture passages and singing several songs together. It was a beautiful time.

We have had thunderstorms and rain off and on today but managed to stay dry when taking the short walks from the van to our ladies’ homes. Everything looks fresh and green and every day we admire the beauty of God’s creation here.

Till tomorrow!


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